The GO FAIR Foundation contributes to, and supports the coherent development of the internet of FAIR Data & Services. The Foundation:

  • advocates and supports choices compliant with the FAIR principles.
  • focuses on preparing the market for certification, and sets up certification schemes for (meta)data, data management plans, people, and services.
  • participates in projects that enhance the European Open Science Cloud, and/or delivers implementations of the FAIR principles, in alignment with the framework followed by the GO FAIR Initiative.
  • promotes early developments in the international FAIR market and assists in creating stepping stones for pilot projects and/or reference implementations.
  • is a non-competitive, non-profit organisation, that is valued by the FAIR ecosystem as a reliable and trusted party.
  • executes a public-private-partnership program, where the focus is directed towards convincing market players to invest in products, services and solutions, rather than relying on governmental institutions to subsidize these developments.
  • supports the GO FAIR initiative by linking it to the for-profit FAIR market.