Data stewards eager to learn how to create FAIR metadata for national COVID-19 data portal

ZonMw, Health-RI and the GO FAIR Foundation will kick off a new series of nine virtual workshops. More than 80 data stewards and researchers from different institutes will learn to design machine actionable metadata. The workshops are part of a ZonMw project that will help to develop COVID FAIR data services and a national COVID-19 data portal. Both are instrumental to facilitate and speed up research on COVID-19.

In the current COVID-19 pandemic, a plethora of COVID-19 related data is produced in the health care system and the Dutch research community. This data is crucial for research on ways to prevent COVID-19, to find optimal treatment of patients and for managing the impact of the pandemic on society and economy. There is as huge impact on science. The COVID-19 data portal will enable the broader COVID-19 research community to find, access and reuse the data that already has been generated. 

Fruitful collaboration

The training programme offered by ZonMw, Health-RI and the GO FAIR Foundation is now halfway. Data stewards and researchers were first introduced to the importance of FAIR data. Now, it is all about the process of developing machine-readable metadata templates. Data stewards are excited to start the series of nine Metadata for Machine workshops where they will learn how to create these templates for their own projects. Machine actionable metadata are crucial to open up research data in the national COVID-19 data.

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