Donate to help fight the corona pandemic

In these challenging times we need your support to help fight the corona pandemic. We are working hard, together with all our partners in the VODAN Implementation Network to host the patient (meta)data in FAIR format on FAIR Data Points so that algorithms can discover patterns in these data. We collaborate with partners from all over the world, including China, Italy, USA, Uganda, Ireland, and Brazil. Our goal is to deploy and then keep the technical infrastructure in place for potential future infectious disease outbreaks.

However, we do need funds to make this all possible. To help researchers find data analytics based solutions to cure and prevent the COVID-19 disease and other virus outbursts and to enable our office to support the researchers. Please donate NL25 ABNA 08141 03456 (ABN AMRO, BIC/SWIFT ABNANL2A) or get in touch with us.