GO FAIR Brazil: New Open Science Tools & Courses for the Brazilian academic community

GO FAIR Brazil reports:

From the Brazilian Institute of Information in Science and Technology (IBICT):

CRIS (Current Research Information Systems) aim to aggregate information from different databases to provide reports and consolidated data for researchers to analyse. The BrCris project is developing a CRIS platform to provide tools for the Brazilian academic community with consolidated data from the national scientific production, covering data aggregation, and analytics of important scientific datasets, especially on Brazilian scientific production. The FAIR data principles are fundamental elements for the BrCris platform, which has a semantic model for improved interoperability reusing the VIVO ontology, adding new Brazilian-specific terms. The first validation of this model is being implemented around the theses and dissertations set and their satellites entities, such as people (as authors, supervisors and referees), courses, organisations, among others.

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From the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (Fiocruz):

Fiocruz published the Data Management, Sharing and Opening Policy for Research in 2020 following the guidelines of the FAIR principles. It provided two tools to compose the infrastructure to support researchers in the practices provided for in the policy, FioPDG, a system for developing Data Management Plans aligned with FAIR principles, and Arca Dados, an institutional data repository. In 2021, Fiocruz launched the Transversal Discipline on “Introduction to Open Science” for all postgraduate courses at Fiocruz, with a FAIR data management module.

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