GO Inter Established Working Group on Semantics

FAIR Digital Objects (FDOs) are emerging as a promising generic approach to solving the interoperability problem of linking data from different domains. However, there is a lack of a widely accepted technical specification of the concept as well as community-driven show cases.

In the context of the emerging FDO Forum Peter Mutschke and Yann Le Franc from GO Inter established a working group on semantics (FDO-SEM) which addresses the problem of the still largely missing semantic model for FDOs.

At the FAIR Festival 2021 on 21-23 June, FDO-SEM and GO Inter hosted a well-attended session on “Towards a semantic model for FDOs”. The session identified well-scaling models for FDOs at different levels of granularity as well as convincing show cases as the most urgent desiderata.

This article was written by Peter Mutschke, IN Coordinator of GO Inter.

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