Open training material collection on RDM topics online

The Training Task Force of the FAIR Data Austria project has created an Open Educational Resources (OER) package for Research Data Management (RDM) and recently published them on the website of FAIR Office Austria. It includes brief information, videos, quizzes and further links on RDM topics in German and English.


The compilation Open Educational Resources Research Data Management covers the basics of research data management and gathers resources and tools available for different stages of the research process. There are no prerequisites and anyone interested in the topic is welcome to learn about research data management!

The compilation topics

Large pool of high-quality RDM training resources were viewed, selected, clearly and uniformly compiled, and supplemented with additional elements where required to create materials on nine RDM topics that support the long-term preservation, access, reuse and publishing of data.

The compilation introduces what a data management plan (DMP) is and why it is important, whatever your career stage, and helps you understand the FAIR principles. Also, it sheds light on Open Science and why we should pay attention to metadata, persistent identifiers (PID) and file formats in research data management.


Unless otherwise stated, the collection is available with a CC BY 4.0 license. The pages or the individual elements can be used for the creation of information and training materials, as long as the source is acknowledged. Currently, the pages are being prepared in form of LiaScript and will be published on Github and available for adaptation and reuse.


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