Polish DSCC IN Chapter wins best poster at IATUL 2022

The Polish Chapter of the Data Stewardship Competence Centers IN won the “Irmgard Lankenau Poster Prize” at the 42nd Annual Conference of the International Association of University Libraries. The poster introduces the mission of the chapter, its structure, communication tools and current activities of the Polish Chapter.

In their poster abstract Magdalena Szuflita-Żurawska and Piotr Krajewski state:

“Our poster is essential for understanding the process of creating a community of practice in the context of Open Science. Building such a community and at the same time being part of the culture change that offers openness in science is challenging. No single researcher or librarian would be able to achieve those results alone. Gdańsk Tech Library’s strategy to popularise and practice Open Science requires many actions supported by a team of people with different competencies.”


More background information and poster

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