Added value

The added value of certification will be the following:

·      Increased trust of participating parties in the different networks.

·     Quality guarantee that parties in the network adhere to commonly defined FAIR standards for both the more technical FAIR principles as for the requirements for the different (meta)datasets. 

·       Increased confidence that all published (meta) data in a  project is FAIR, machine readable as a minimum, machine actionable if possible.

·    Possibility to do FAIR evaluations several times per year, thereby providing regular feedback and guidance to parties who do not (yet or no longer) meet the evaluation-criteria.

·      Can be used as an example for other projects. 

·    Certification of the exchange infrastructure could be a first step and could be efficiently extended to include other FAIR elements, like queries and algorithms that are allowed to visit (meta)data, regulated by access control ruling as defined by the project itself. 

·      Based on a transparent, community driven, multi-disciplinary approach.  

·      Combines the aspects of Governance, Policy, Legal boundaries and Technical applicability.