Pioneer Program

GFF has developed a “Certification Pioneer Program”, whereby we have asked stakeholders and members from the community to assist, as pioneers, in defining the schemas for a number of  FAIR-aspects.  This pioneer-program has received support from several organizations and has delivered a number of GO FAIR endorsed elements that would assist in increasing the trust-factor and that would avoid watering down of the requirements.   

See below the areas currently in progress : 

            Training courses


            Students ( after examination) 

            FAIR Data points 

            FAIR Implementation Profiles  ( choices made by a community)

            FAIR Metadata Schemas /  Templates 

            Organizations ( Service Suppliers)

            Projects ( Data Exchange or Data Visiting projects)

Invited early movers as “training pioneers” are currently :  Hogeschool Leiden,  Phortos and  AllFAIR.

Invited early movers as “metadata pioneers” ( a.o. FDP, FIP, Metadata-schemas / templates ) are the FAIR Data Collective, the Stanford Center for Biomedical Informatics Research / CEDAR ,  the VODAN Africa project and  FAIR Solutions.